Our Warranty

If you have any problems we will treat you nice and make it right.

We use the highest quality lenses and we expect perfect work from our lab technicians. But we’re not foolish enough to believe that even the best manufacturers and best people can't make mistakes. So we thought that giving you a year to make sure that everything is up to snuff is fair. If you feel that something is not quite right with your lenses, please email us at nice@lensreplace.com. If we find that your lenses are defective, or there is a real issue in craftsmanship, we’ll replace your lenses free of charge. Most importantly, we promise you that we’ll be nice throughout the process.

Here are a few cases that don’t fall under defective or craftsmanship issues:

- Your glasses slip off your face during a trip to the Hoover Dam -
- A Mo Green incident (see "The Godfather") -
- Your eyesight miraculously improves and you don't need glasses anymore -
- Your dog chews on your glasses and compromises craftsmanship -

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